Jetaudio HD Music Player Plus

Yesterday, I published an article regarding the app ‘wavelet’ that provides the android user with advanced sound customization across multiple apps like Spotify, Gaana and many others. However, before the advent of music streaming services such as Spotify, Amazon Music, Gaana and Tidal people chiefly stored music in the internal memory of their android smartphone (I still do in addition to using apps like Spotify and Gaana). A solid music player with a great equalizer and other features such as playlist editor, ability to display lyrics, add favourites etc was very important at that point in time. jetaudio music player was and continues to be such an app.

Jetaudio HD Music Player Plus is the advanced version of the Jetaudio music player, which is one of the most popular music apps in the Google Play Store. The basic Jetaudio music player comes with a 10 band graphic equalizer and sound effects. The Jetaudio HD Music Player plus comes with a 20 band graphic equalizer, 32 equalizer presets and additional plugins such as AM3D Audio Enhancer, Crystalizer, Bongiovi DPS and Visualizations plug in (plug ins should be brought separately as in app purchases).

I have tried out Jetaudio HD Music Player Plus in my Galaxy S8 and Oneplus7Pro. This app along with its included plugins made a significant improvement in audio quality of my smartphones. The plugin Bongiovi DPS deserves special mention as it allows the user to customize the sound profile depending on the type of headset we are using (similar to wavelet). They have a wide variety of sound profiles to choose from including renowned headphones from brands like Sony, Sennheiser, Ultimate Ears, V Moda and many others. There are also sound profiles for various speakers from brands like Klipsch, logitech, Cyber Accoustics, Bose and Audio Engine. There is also option for various types and levels of stereo enhancement. AM3D Audio Enhancer gives you additional options to fine tune your bass and treble apart from the standard Jetaudio equalizer. It also offers various presets such as Rock, Jazz, Pop, Dance and Hip Hop.

Jetaudio also does not skimp on the essentials. The music stored in our devices gets automatically organised into various categories such as albums,artists,songs,folders,playlists and genres. The user has the option to create their own playlists. This app also allows the user to edit tags of music files, add album art and search for the music in youtube.

Overall, Jetaudio HD Music Player Plus is one of the most well rounded music players for android devices.


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