My First Sennheiser Experience

My interest in audio gear sparked nearly seven years earlier when I was studying for BA English at St Thomas College, Palai. My first earphone, which I purchased, was Sennheiser MX 170, one of the most affordable wired headsets from the prestigious German brand of Sennheiser. Sennheiser is a very popular name in the audiophile community as they are rightly renowned for their open-backed headphones such as HD 650, HD 660, and their flagship HD800 series. Among closed-back headphones, their Momentum series is highly reputed. Coming back to my purchase, MX 170 was a very modest wired headset with a non-in-ear design. The specifications of this headset are a frequency response from 22 to 20000 Hz, 32-ohm impedance, and a 1.2 m symmetrical cable. I used this earphone along with my Sony mp3 player (NW-E394) and Redmi Note 7. This earphone provided me with a very enjoyable music experience with adequate bass and very clear mids and highs (for the price). For a headset that cost me only around 600Rs, I was very happy with my purchase. I will recommend this earphone to budget-conscious music lovers who want a name brand earphone as their first purchase. Bass lovers may not be very happy with the sound signature of this earphone as this is more geared towards a neutral audio signature (not flat, mind you). Bass lovers may be happier with a Sony XB series earphone (much more expensive around 2000 Rs) or the more affordable boat basshead 220 (available for less than 600 Rs).

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