My Thoughts on the Newly Launched Oneplus Nord

Ok. Here is my Take on it

OnePlus Nord is a very decent option in terms of its hardware specifications

OnePlus Nord is an excellent option when it comes to its software

Hardware of Oneplus Nord

An upper midrange processor (Snapdragon 765G)

Same primary camera as the Oneplus 8

32MP selfie camera

Full HD+ 90hz display

A display with a pill shaped đź’Š cutout

Main cameras protruding out of the body of the phone

Software of Oneplus Nord

Software of Oneplus Nord

Oxygen Os is one of the smoothest android skins in the market

Oneplus’s track record with frequent software updates that improves everything from app load times to camera image quality (reference :read tweets by MKBHD about improvements in Oneplus7pro image quality)

OnePlus will support this phone for atleast two main software updates (Source: Oneplus forum, android 11 in Q2 2011 and Android 12 in Q2 2022)

If hardware is what matters to you the most, Realme X3 and X3 Super zoom are better options

In my opinion,as an overall package Oneplus Nord is a very good offering by Oneplus

Image Courtesy: Self

Some References

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