Android vs Apple: The Perennial Debate

As some one who owns both an android flagship (Oneplus7Pro) as well as an ipad Pro 2017, I will try my best to be fair in my analysis.

Even in 2020, despite all the improvements Android had made over the years, iPhones still are ahead in one key aspect. That aspect is software support. If you buy an iPhone you can rest assured that, your device will be supported for 5 years (going by Apple’s track record). If you buy an Android flagship, you will get software updates for two years and an additional year of just security updates.

IPhones also are tightly connected to other Apple products like Apple watch, Mac, iPad etc. It is called ‘Apple’s Walled Garden ‘. App developers also often prefer ios over android due to the simplicity. There are still a number of apps in Apple Appstore which are missing from the Google Playstore

Lastly, iPhones reputedly shoot better quality videos (more stable footage) compared to android flagships.

However, Android is ahead of Apple in a number of other key aspects.

  1. Android flagships have better design than present iPhones (hole punch better than notches)
  2. More customisation is possible in Android devices. You can have a home screen with a beautiful wallpaper uninterrupted with app icons
  3. Pixel devices produce arguably produce better images than iPhones.
  4. Most android flagships have a dedicated night mode which you can turn on. The night mode in current iPhones cannot be turned on by the user (the phone automatically turns it on depending on availability of light)
  5. USB C greater than lightning port
  6. Better bluetooth codec support. iPhones only support AAC. Android supports Aptx, APTX LL, LDAC and AAC
  7. A better fully fledged file system
  8. Samsung Pay in Samsung flagships put to shame Apple Pay.
  9. Ability to root and install custom roms
  10. Android devices are available at varying price ranges. So, some one who does not want fancy features like QuadHD display or flagship processor can go with a more affordable alternative. With Apple, you should be willing to spend much more cash even if you don’t plan to use all the features (notable exception: iPhone SE 2020)

Image Courtesy: Pexels

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