Oneplus7Pro Initial Review

Oneplus7Pro is an android smartphone that divided users and reviewers into two camps. Those who loved this phone praised its great performance, 90hz QHD+ display and its nearly bezelless design with no notch or cutout. Those who didn’t like this phone much criticized its unexceptional battery life (which is not really the case as per my experience), not flagship grade cameras and its large size and weight. I for one belong to the former camp and i will tell you why.

When you decide to buy a Oneplus device, you sure are declaring out loud to the world that you are a person who values great software experience and fast performance above everything else. That holds true here as well and the additional bonus of a 90hz QHD+ bezelless display makes movie watching and browsing the web an absolute delight. The battery life of any smartphone depends upon usage patterns of each customer and for me with resolution set on auto switch, refresh rate locked at 90hz and with dark theme applied, iam averaging 7hrs of battery life before battery goes down to 10%. That is surely impressive atleast for me.

As far as the camera situation is concerned, the phone has recieved two major software updates especially focused on camera and they have certainly improved the camera. Nighttime shots still have some room to improve(in auto mode), and the wide angle camera still does not do video recording. Daylight shots come out great anyway. There is the option of gcam as well, which significantly improves portrait shots from front camera and the nightsight mode works great as well (though nightscape option in stock camera does quite a good job as well).

The charging speed of this device with the warp charger is truly awesome and having it bundled in the box, you really do not need wireless charging. This device has day to day water resistance as well though no ip68 certification.

For me the pricing of this phone is justified escpecially after the whole camera situation has improved ( it still may not be the best but it certainly is now much better).

There is one caveat though as this phone is certainly weighty and very large. So not for those with small hands

My rating of this device
Battery life : 4.5/5
Size and weight : 4/5 (I like large phones)
Camera: 3.7/5
Performance and software:5/5 ( just perfect!).

The lack of a headphone jack was truly unfortunate and the fact that they omitted putting an adapter in the box really adds to the misery of those who own quality wired earphones or headphones. That was truly a bad business practice by Oneplus and it is the only genuine flaw of this device according to me. However, I personally have long before moved on to wireless earphones and headphones and hence it was not a problem for me.

P.S: I have originally published this review in on June 13, 2019 after a month of use

The variant I have: Oneplus7Pro 8gb RAM, 256GB ROM Variant. Nebula Blue

Even after an year of use, this device still works brilliantly. The software updates also have been on point.

Images: All the images were taken with the stock camera of Oneplus7Pro.

Featured Image Courtesy: David Monje from Unsplash.

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