Poweramp-The quintessential android music player

Android as an operating system has no dearth of quality music players. Currently they range from simple and minimalist music players such as ‘Musicolet’ to highly customizable and complex music players such as Jetaudio HD music player plus. There are also dedicated music players from corporate giants such as Sony and Sennheiser which are primarily intended for controlling their bluetooth headphones. In addition to all of these, there are myriad music streaming services such as Amazon music, Spotify, Gaana, JioSaavn etc. Among all these diversity of apps catering to the smartphone music enthusiast, Poweramp stands out by virtue of the great customizability it offers, its beautiful interface, solid equalizer and most importantly its long history as a reliable music player.

In the initial days of android, music streaming services were a nonentity and music players in android smartphones chiefly consisted of the what was originally provided by the smartphone manufacturer. Samsung smartphones then had a touchwiz themed music player, htc smartphones had a music player themed on htc sense software and the music player in Sony Xperia smartphones was dubbed as ‘Walkman’ and it was designed based on the Sony Timescape UI. Poweramp as a music player, emerged at that point in time. It offered a highly customisable interface, support for themes as well as a very solid equaliser with features such as a 10 band graphic equalizer as well as a bass and treble tuner.

Poweramp was one of the most used apps in my first android smartphone that was a Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830i. What caught my attention at that point in time with regard to this app was its beautiful interface and support for various types of music files such as wav,mp3,flac,wma etc. Poweramp also was able to quickly scan my entire music library which was then stored in a 8GB microsd card (definitely paltry by today’s standard!). Later, when I changed to newer smartphones such as Lenovo K3 Note, Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 and Samsung Galaxy S8, Poweramp was always one of the first apps I installed in my new device.

The free version of Poweramp comes as a fully featured 15 day trial. The user has the option to convert the app into its full version by installing the poweramp full version unlocker that costs $4.99. Periodically, the full version unlocker goes on sale as well. I was able to purchase it in one such sale for less than $1.

The features offered by Poweramp include a 10 band graphic equalizer with various presets such as Bass, Bass Extreme, Soft Bass, Live, Speaker, Flat, Treble, Classical, Dance, Techno, Rock etc. The ‘Speaker’ option deserves special mention as it increases the volume from the earphones whether they be wired or wireless. This preset accomplishes this by boosting the mid range while giving less emphasis to bass and treble. Poweramp also gives the user the ability to set manual presets depending upon the headset in use. I have made a custom preset for my Sony WH1000XM3. Poweramp also gives the end user the ability to specifically tune the bass and treble in the music and also determine the left and right channel balance as specify the extent of stereo expansion. There is also a reverb option in Poweramp that gives the user the ability to tune the audio depending on the preset they choose, The presets for reverberation included within the app are Auditorium, Echo, Great Hall, Soft Reverb, Studio, Scene, Small Room, Stadium etc. Currently I am using Poweramp with my smartphone Oneplus7Pro. The newest version of the app comprises of a new audio engine.

Poweramp also does not skimp on the essentials. The music files gets scanned very fast and the app automatically organizes the music files into various categories such as folders, albums, artists,. genres etc. The app offers the the end user the ability to change the album art and search for the music in youtube. The user also has the option to automatically turn on poweramp when a headset is detected by the smartphone.

Overall, Poweramp is one of the most feature rich and reliable music players in the Google Play Store.

Featured Image Courtesy: Pexels

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