Alto’s Adventure-Scenic adventure in the hills

Smartphone gaming has evolved a lot over the past few years. Even though still inferior to gaming via a console such as an xbox or a playstation, the prospect of gaming via smartphones has gained a lot of value recently due to the increasing prowess of smartphone processors from the likes of Snapdragon and Apple and also gaming focussed features becoming more and more common in android smartphones. Manufacturers such as Samsung and Oneplus began bundling company specific softwares such as Game Launcher and Game Space with their premium smartphones. These softwares automatically grouped together all the games in a user’s smartphone and also allowed him or her to turn off or control smartphone notifications during a game play, adjust frame rate of games, focuss on gaming performance or saving smartphone battery as well as recording the game play. However, the most important development in the world of smartphone gaming came with the launch of gaming focussed smartphones. One of the first smartphones of this kind was the Razer Phone launched by the gaming brand Razer in 2017. Brands such as Asus and Xiaomi picked up the trend started by Razer and launched their own gaming smartphones such as the Xiaomi Blackshark lineup and the Asus ROG phone series. Razer itself launched a successor to its original Razer Phone in the year 2017 called Razer Phone 2. All these gaming focused smartphones boasted of a unique design, hardware choices such as vapour chambers and cooling fans for effective heat dissipation as well as high refresh rate displays and specifically tuned software. It goes without saying that all these smartphones came with top of the line processors from Snapdragon.

The changes in the landscape of smartphone gaming which we have discussed so far is primarily advantageous to high end games such as Fortnite, Asphalt 9, Mortal Kombat, EA Fifa Soccer, Shadowgun Legends etc. These games are very processor intensive and designed to give the enduser a thrilling and highly competitive gaming experience. However, today I am talking about a game that is designed for the exact opposite objective. It is called Alto’s Adventure and it is designed by Noodlecake Studios Inc.

Alto’s Adventure is set in a sleeping mountainous village in the Alps and the end user plays as Alto or as one of his friends who go snowboarding in the Alps. The characters transverse the scenic terrain of Alps and they brave changes in weather, chase after llamas, jump over cliffs and also tries to escape from village elders. The chief attraction in this game is the scenic setting and beautiful music. What this game offers for the end user is a sense of peace and the delightful illusion of being in the same landscape as Alto and his friends. This game is built on the in app purchasing model and the user initially only has access to Alto. Other characters such as Tupa, Felipe, Maya and Paz can be unlocked either as in app purchases or by reaching advanced playing levels within the app. There is also a number of virtual goodies which you can purcase for Alto and his friends by paying real cash. Wingsuit and Llama Horn are two such goodies. Interestingly, this game also offers the end user the ability to purchase real T Shirts and Art Prints based on this app. The price of these goodies ranges from $10 to $40. There are two gaming modes within this app, the regular gaming mode as well as a Zen mode. The former gives points to the end user depending upon the distance travelled and obstacles overcome. The user also unlocks advanced levels in this gaming mode based on his/her performance. The character falling into a cliff or stumbling over a rock or being caught by the village elder ends the game play in the regular mode. Zen mode by contrast has no point scheme and also this mode does not unlock advanced levels within this game. The user can play as long as he or she wants without worrying about being caught by a village elder, falling into a cliff or stumbling over a rock. Main highlight of Zen mode is undoubtedly its soothing background music and the game specifically advices the end user to put on headphones before enabling the Zen mode.

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