MX Player- Simplicity is the ultimate Sophistication

My first smartphone was the Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830i released in the year 2012. It was a even at that point in time a lower mid range device with modest specs. It had just a 320*480 TFT display and a single core 832mhz processor by Broadcom. It also had a paltry 158mb internal memory and capability to expand memory via micro sd only upto 32GB. However, despite all these limitations, I used the phone for more than two years and still carry pleasant memories of my first android smartphone.

A large reason for my happy memories associated with S5830i was my thorough exploration of the Google Play Store at that point in time and discovering apps like Poweramp and MX Player that allowed me to make the best use of my first android smartphone. The stock video player that came with the Galaxy Ace was a very basic app that supported only supported mp4 files and that too only up to 320*480 resolution. The amount of control and features offered by the stock app was also paltry to say the least.

Therefore, it goes without saying that installing a third party video player was very necessary for a satisfactory media experience through my first android smartphone. In contrast to the stock video player in Galaxy Ace, MX Player offered an intuitive and minimalistic user interface, ability to play 720p videos via software decoding feature and also the capability to increase the volume levels significantly further than what the stock video player allowed.

What sets MX Player apart from most other video players is its very minimalistic user interface and the easy access to the plethora of features offered by the app including enabling or disabling subtitles, pinch to zoom, volume and brightness control as well as subtitle gestures and kids lock. MX Player supports a variety of video codecs including MP4, MKV, FLV, MPERG4, WEBM, MOV etc. It also supports a large variety of subtitles including Sunrip(.srt), MicroDVD(.sub), VobSub(.sub/.idx), MPL2(.mpl). TMPlayer(.txt) etc.

The smartphones have evolved a lot from the days of Galaxy Ace released in 2011. Even an entry level smartphone in today’s age can play all types and resolutions of video files even upto 4K. However, despite these advancements most smartphones launching now a days comes with just a gallery app that groups all the images and videos together and does not offer all the features available in an app like MX Player. It is here that the relevance of an app like MX Player becomes clearly evident even in 2020. MX Player was also one off the first apps that I installed in my current phone which is a Oneplus7Pro.

P.S: The free version of MX Player has all the features but it comes with ads. The full version which is dubbed as MX Player Pro costs $5.99. The price may come down during sales.

Featured Image Courtesy: Pexels

Movies Featured in Screenshots: Heat(1995) and The Last Samurai(2003)

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