Alto’s Odyssey- Sandboarding in the Desert

Alto’s Odyssey is the second installment of Alto’s escapades launched by Noodlecake The first installment was Alto’s Adventure that showcased Alto and his friends snowboarding in the mountainous region of Alps in order to catch runaway Llamas and explore the terrain. In the process, they had to outwit the village elders and jump over small fireplaces, rocks and even large mountain chasms. The chief attraction in this game was the mellow and serene background music as well as the beautiful visuals on offer.

Alto’s Odyssey shifts the landscape to an unnamed majestic desert and shows Alto and his friends including characters like Maya, Paz and Izel sandboarding in the desert. The sights on offer in this version of Alto’s escapades are dunes, canyons, ancient temples, hot air balloons and towering rock walls. The character may also have to escape from mischievous lemurs at an various stages in the game. Just like Alto’s adventures, Alto’s Odyssey also offers dynamic lighting as well as weather effects like sandstorms, lightning and shooting stars. The mellow soundtrack from Alto’s adventures was intelligently ported to this game as well by the developer.

One interesting feature shared by Alto’s adventures and Alto’s Odyssey is that both games feature a photo mode that can be activated to take a picture of the beautiful landscape featured in these games. The pictures, you thus capture are good enough to be used as smartphone wallpapers. The Zen Mode in Alto’s Odyssey just like that in Alto’s adventures allow the user to play the game without worrying about points or the character falling down from a cliff or stumbling down as a result of hitting a rock.

Overall, Alto’s Odyssey can be considered as a worthy sequel of Alto’s adventures

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