Backdrops- A Colourful Concoction

Display and Processor were always the most essential components in a smartphone. If processor powered the performance of a smartphone and determined for how long the device will provide smooth user experience for the consumer, the display of the smartphone was the component of the smartphone with which the users interacted the most. A device such as Galaxy S launched in June 2010, became an exciting success because it launched with a super amoled display that offered excellent contrast ratio and dynamic colour reproduction compared to other smartphones launched in that year all of which came with lcd displays.

Three years back, in 2017 the world of smartphones witnessed another breakthrough. It was the launch of smartphones such as Galaxy S8, LG G6, Essential Phone and iPhone X later that year all of which came with high screen to body ratio. In short, these smartphones sold the vision of a borderless display to the consumers and predictably all these devices with the exception of Essential Phone became great commercial successes. The commercial failure of Essential Phone which was the brain child of android co founder Andy Rubin was due to other factors such as lack lustre camera and the lack of modular accessories that could attach to the device.

In contrast to iPhones, android users have the option of enjoying the whole display of their beautiful smartphones without being distracted by app icons. This is exactly the reason why Google play store is especially filled a number of wallpaper apps some of the most prominent of which are Starless, WallP, Walli, Resplash and Backdrops. Among all of these apps, Backdrops deserve special mention due to its material design and also due to the wide variety of wallpapers present in the app and that too of various categories like Abstract, Amoled, Be Together, Earth, Flags, Food, Geometric, Material, Minimal, Pairs, Pattern, Photography and many others.

This app is supported by a large number of highly talented photographers and a large number of wallpapers in this app belonging to categories like Pattern, Space, Minimal, Scenery and Abstract are Backdrops exclusive wallpapers which you cant find anywhere else. Another interesting detail about this app is the small description that accompanies each wallpaper. This description which is sometimes funny and sometimes thought provoking always makes the end user feel special for downloading that particular wallpaper. For example, here is the description accompanying a wall paper titled as ‘Fast Lane’ which is a Backdrops exclusive wallpaper.

” I don’t really know where I am headed, just enjoying the ride. Gonna roll till I ride till I die. I am living life in the fast lane.”

Backdrops as an app makes most sense in an android smartphone that has an amoled display. The vibrant concoction of colours, patterns and designs which this app offers is unmatched by any other wallpaper app. No wonder that the famous tech youtuber mkbhd featured Backdrops wallpaper in many of his smartphone reviews. I am currently using Backdrops in my Oneplus7Pro and I have also used this app in my previous device which was a Galaxy S8.

The basic version of this app comes with ads and a particular category of wallpapers called ‘ProPack’ is also not accessible in the free version.

Featured Image Courtesy: Pexels

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