One ui icon pack- The galaxy in your android

Samsung has always been at the forefront of Android smartphone manufacturers from the days of Galaxy S released in 4 June 2010. However, their smartphones have always suffered from one fatal flaw and that was the lack lustre software called touchwiz and its cartoonish icons. Many developer communities such as XDA had given this flavour of android, the derogatory nickname of Lagwiz. However, the quality of display in their flagships, their marketing prowess and the decline of competitors such as htc over the years ensured that Samsung remained the reigning champion among android smartphone manufacturers.

However, all of this changed in the year 2014. Chinese manufacturers such as Xiaomi and Oneplus entered the Indian smartphone market and introduced high end smartphones such as Oneplus One and Xiaomi Mi4 at competitive prices. Samsung realised the urgent need to overhaul their ui. Their first attempt in this regard itself took three years and came out as Samsung Experience ui in Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note 8. This new flavour of android though much better than touchwiz was found lacking compared to competitors like Oxygen Os offered by Oneplus devices.

The real change came with the release of One ui in the year 2018. This new interface debuted in Galaxy S9 and its prime advantages over Samsung Experience Ui and Touchwiz were its faster animations, faster app launch times and most importantly the entire ui was designed around ease of one handed use. This was in fact the reason behind the name One ui. In One ui the interface of the display was divided into two portions vertically with the upper half showing primarily the ui info whereas the lower half was the interactive area consisting of icons.

In this post, I will be primarily talking about the app named One ui icon pack designed and developed by iEvil Dev. This icon pack is aimed at providing the feel of One ui for non-Samsung android devices. The icons in the pack are inspired by the flat icon design and consists of colourful squares with rounded corners. This icon pack is compatible with a number of launchers whether it be Nova launcher, Atom launcher, Apex launcher, Poco launcher etc. The app makers have however mentioned that this icon pack will not work with Pixel launcher, Google Now launcher or any other launcher that comes with the phone. However, I have been able to successfully use this icon pack in my Oneplus7Pro along with the stock Oxygen Os.

Here comes the most important question? What does this icon pack offer for a non-Samsung user. The answers are numerous: First of all the simple pleasure of customizing the look and feel of your device which is after all one of the chief selling point of android over apple. Secondly, to experiment with an icon pack that is refreshingly different from the icon pack in a Google Pixel or a Oneplus device. There is a playfulness to this icon pack that few other icon packs can rival. Third and most importantly, this icon pack gives an android user the ability to experience second hand at least a part of the revolutionary flavour of android that gave a new lease of life to Samsung smartphones.

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